Incoming Inspection – Material Control

Incoming InpsectionYour finally finished with your new product design! Once the Design and Development phase is complete, the transfer of the design to manufacturing occurs.  Raw materials will be ordered and manufacturing can begin to produce good quality product.  But what if the materials that manufacturing receives are substandard?  Incoming Material Control is a vital because if substandard material enters the manufacturing process, the burden of inspecting quality into the product becomes greater. Incoming Inspection enforces the requirements on the vendor through usual inspection practices.  In addition, the vendor should ensure the handling and storage of materials and components are controlled so that they do not deteriorate prior to use.

Development, installation and maintenance of inspection and procedures including sample plans for determining acceptable levels of quality prior to use:

  • Plans, procedures and facilities for handling discrepant material
  • Efficient operation of incoming material quality assurance that does not cause undue downtime
  • Sufficient information concerning inspection and test results so corrective action can be initiated, vendor rating programs and future purchasing decision should be based on vendor performance history
  • Economical statistical sampling procedures to appraise inventory quality, determine deterioration rates, and provide feedback to design, purchasing, and production which will aid in maximizing inventory serviceable life

To measure performance and efficiency of incoming material quality assurance, measurements should be made.  Performance measurements can include, % of incoming lots rejected, lots reworked, lots sorted, lots returned to vendor, lots scrapped, time to complete inspection, lots inspected per day, backlog of logs awaiting inspection, and backlog of lots awaiting disposition. It is not always necessary to provide incoming inspection on every item, but every item must be thoughtfully reviewed to determine if such assurance is required or can be omitted. Omit incoming inspection by plan, not by accident!

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